In a minute there is time


Dimensions variable

Teleprompter, camcorder, monitor, speaker, amplifier, mixed media installation



*The sound was made with the sounds of the Earth, the choir, and the 55 spoken greetings (beginning with Akkadian, which was spoken in Sumer c. 6,000 years ago and ending with Wu, a modern Chinese dialect) 


*The adaptation scene playing on the teleprompter attached to the video camera is based on the novel ‘Die Wolke’ (The Cloud) by German author Gudrun Pausewang.


I frantically rode through the station with great difficulty. The road down south was almost empty. In the opposite direction, however, the vehicles were heavily congested.


 It was not easy to get by on the edge of the road against passing cars. Drivers on the left ran ahead and honked loudly. I passed familiar faces; the dentist, the village fund staff and even the butchers. I recognised my teacher who was driving in the direction, but I could not slow down.


When I got to the rest stop, the cars were in two rows. The sky was suspiciously clear and the sun shone brightly. The weather was so hot that it almost seemed like summer. I was thirsty, so I dropped by a small pond to drink water. I had no time to contemplate whether the water was drinkable or not so I cupped my hands, scooped up the water and swallowed. My thirst was immediately quenched.


 I had to hurry. But I could not see any clouds yet. None the less, I reluctantly got back on my bicycle. The traffic was so heavy that the cars were stood bumper to bumper. A police helicopter flew over the road.
I had to hurry. It was 
1:25 pm. I became more and more exhausted. My face was covered with my thick hair which kept sticking against my skin due to all the sweat and dust. I felt like I would collapse into a deep sleep at any moment.


I looked up at the southern sky with anxious eyes and suddenly realised that the cars were going slower. The traffic slowed down until they were moving at walking speed. Some drivers roared in angry desperation at other drivers

who overtook their cars. Suddenly, a woman lowered her window and pointed to the south and shouted that it was coming.

She began to scream about strange smell. The babies cried loudly, and women fearfully held their children tightly in their arms.


As I passed through the village, I went ahead of cars that could no longer speed up. Someone shouted out of their half opened window and said to me to get over the car and sit on the trunk and bow my head. I was covered in sweat and dirt from head to toe.

I shouted that the clouds were coming in and ran to the side of the car. But the car did not stop. I shouted with an angry voice to make them open the door. But the door was closed tight. I reached out and grabbed the door handle of the running car, I did not let go and was dragged by the car.

I heard someone cry out screaming that it was coming.
I shouted toward the sky and said “There it is! There’s the cloud.”


 © 2021  by GA-IN KIM